BaseballHQ.Com Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How to Contact Us

To reach our support team, please contact us a

General FAQ

How often are the features on Baseball HQ updated?
From February through September, the content on is updated every day, including player projections. From October through January, updates occur at least once weekly, usually on Fridays. Baseball HQ takes off during the week between Christmas and New Year's Day.

At what time of day do you update new information on the site?
Updates are usually posted by 7:00am ET each day. Player projections may be updated at any time.

Does Baseball HQ provide ongoing, real-time information?
No. Baseball HQ is designed as a source of analytical information targeted to fantasy leaguers and their needs. As such, our updates are scheduled around the timing and frequency that most fantasy leaguers make decisions for their teams. HQ is not designed to provide immediate, real-time information like the major media sites and fantasy news sites do, but to analyze and enhance the information they provide. Subscribers are offered a discount to fantasy news site,, for those who are interested.

How long do the features on Baseball HQ remain accessible on the site?
In general, time-sensitive information will remain online for about three weeks, or until the information becomes dated. Regular features may remain online for up to one year. Reference material may remain online indefinitely. If you can't find what you're looking for, e-mail us and we'll see if we can help out.

Do the player projections incorporate the news information and analysis that appears on BHQ?
All projections are based on historical trends and proven, long term performance. The news analysis information is intended to provide additional fodder for analysis. We evaluate the potential long-term impact of every item but often decide that the information should not be incorporated into the projections. As such, there will be occasional conflict. A player's potential is never black and white. What you need to do is consider all the information we provide as input to your own decision-making process.

Can I contribute to Baseball HQ?
Absolutely. Baseball HQ is designed to be a community effort. You can contribute in two ways.

1 - We consider Baseball HQ to always be a work in process, constantly improving and changing as our readers' needs change. We encourage your input at all times. Do e-mail us with your comments, whether they be about links that don't work or features you'd like to see changed.

2 - We consider articles for submission on every topic. If you'd like to write an essay, first e-mail us, then we'll contact you with details about submission guidelines. Do not send completed works to us unsolicited. In addition, we normally review our resources each summer and make our hiring decisions for regular columnists at that time.

Subscribing FAQ

What exactly do I get with a subscription to Baseball HQ?
You can tour most of the site's article content. Additional features like projections and tools are visible only to subscribers.

How long do I have to wait until my password is activated?
Depending upon the volume of orders (and time of year), it could take anywhere from 15 minutes to 24 hours for us to activate your subscription. When your account is activated, you will receive an e-mail from us welcoming you. 

For Baseball HQ, can I upgrade my subscription to a longer term and just pay the difference in price?
Our policy is that you can extend a subscription at the longer term rate within the first 30 days of your existing subscription. After 30 days, our normal full-term subscription rates apply.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?
Due to the high risk of abuse of pay-for-access internet subscriptions, we are forced to institute an admittedly strict cancellation and refund policy:

For subscriptions placed in February, March and April: When you subscribe, you have 24 no-risk hours (from the point when your password is activated) to evaluate the service. If you cancel within the first 24 hours, you can get a 100% refund. We offer NO REFUNDS beyond the 24-hour evaluation period for subscription orders placed during this time. This policy is intended to provide new subscribers with ample opportunity to evaluate the site while minimizing abuse of the privilege of being a subscriber during this peak usage period.

For subscriptions placed between May and January, inclusive: When you subscribe, you have 24 no-risk hours (from the point when your password is activated) to evaluate the service. If you cancel within the first 24 hours of your subscription, you can get a 100% refund. Cancel at any time after that and you will receive a pro-rated refund of the remainder of your subscription.

Subscribers that order and cancel more than once within a 14-month period will be prohibited from receiving a refund on their next purchase.

All annual subscriptions are auto-renewing at full season rate. However, you may opt-out of that auto-renewal at any time, in which case your subscription will expire at the end of the regular baseball season.

Technical Support Issues

I am constantly being prompted for my User Name and Password even though they should be saved on my computer...
This functionality is handled via cookies; if those are disabled, or you are behind a firewall that blocks them, you may run into this kind of problem. If you are at your work computer, you may very well run into firewall issues.

I cannot access any current information with the links on the home page... 
You probably have not logged in first. Click on the "LOGIN" icon at the top right and enter your User Name and password. That will bring you to all the live content pages.

I just subscribed online and my password does not work... 
You may be trying to access the site prior to your account being activated. Please allow up to 24 hours for us to process your order. When your account is activated, you will receive an e-mail from us welcoming you to Baseball HQ.

I cannot print the projections charts off the website. Is there any way to compress the spreadsheets to the point where they'll print out on a single page? 
The projections charts are not intended to be printed directly from the screen. There is far too much data. Best to save the chart directly to your computer. Then you can open the file in Excel and print from there.


Product FAQ

When is the Baseball Forecaster available each year?
The Forecaster goes to press about the third week of November each year and is typically available from us by the first or second week in December.

Where can I buy the Baseball Forecaster?
The best place to get the book is direct from us as we can get it to you the quickest. It is also available at bookstores, however, most of them do not keep it in inventory so they have to order it from our distributor, which typically adds several weeks onto the delivery time. Quickest delivery is always to order through us.

Is the Baseball Forecaster available in electronic form?
PDF versions of the complete book, and Excel versions of many key charts, are available but only for customers who buy the book through Other than that, select sections, such as the Forecaster's Toolbox, Sabermetric Glossary, Major League Equivalencies, Bullpen Indicator charts and projections are available as text and/or Excel files on Everything else is only available in the book. Most of our subscribers have found that the information in the Forecaster is much more usable in hard copy form as a reference tool.

Does the Baseball Forecaster maintain its value despite its early publication date?
The Baseball Forecaster was designed as a reference tool to provide a global perspective about player performance and trends. No hard-copy publication can maintain its timeliness in this ever-changing baseball world, but the Forecaster's unique perspective does better than most. A free player projections update is available here for book owners only. The Forecaster's format and measures of player performance, however, make the book a valuable tool for many readers even during the regular season.